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Rht off bat know it needs new battery, tires, seats, clutch, a tailht. Get him some on hands experience and some bonding time-- they grow up so fast! He already has been talking about a dirt bike and his first car. Hopefully they have what I need and are compatible with my 1970 model.

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He said it ran when he parked it 5 years ago in the carport in backyard. Wanted a smaller scale restoration project then a car for my 12yr old son and I to work on. He is 13 and still enjoys it and can spot a bargin on carts and parts. If you find a Harley salvage yard please let me know where it is. I did find a guy about 45min from my house that has (2) circa early 70's HD part carts.

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Hey all new to as I just picked up a Harley Davidson 1970 Gas Golf Cart in need of restoration and could use some guidance/assistance with it since never did a cart before, only cars. Do some browsing to make sure you get the rht manual one.

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Think I should start with trying to locate a Manual, seen someone posted a link for a different model. I think there is a main one that covers all years up until '81 or so. Harley-Davidson Golf Carts hubpages

1974 harley davidson golf cart manual:

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