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333-175-0001 Purpose The food handler training program rules set fees and address requirements for successful completion of a food handler training program and issuance of the certificate. (8) "Food Handler" means those persons involved in the supervision or preparation or service of food in a restaurant or food service facility licensed under ORS 624.020 or 624.320. This person is responsible for supervising and educating all workers in the sanitary practices used in food service. (a) The food handler shall be able to describe the five major mistakes that cause foodborne illness. 7-1-06 333-175-0111 General (1) Upon request by the Oregon Health Authority or a Local Public Health Authority, a licensee of a facility licensed under ORS 624.020 or 624.320 shall make available the certificate of program completion for each food handler in the licensed facility.

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Additionally, these rules set out general provisions regarding food handler training programs and provide guidelines for the relationship between the Oregon Health Authority, Local Public Health Authorities and Desnated Agents. This includes, but is not limited to, managers, cooks, wait staff, dishwashers, bartenders and bus persons. The five major mistakes are: (A) Inadequate handwashing; (B) Employees working while ill; (C) Cross contamination; (D) Inadequate final cooking temperatures; and (E) Inadequate temperature control (allowing foods to be in the danger zone). For purposes of complying with this rule, the licensee may keep photocopies of the food handler certificates of program completion. 6-18-04 The official copy of an Oregon Administrative Rule is contained in the Administrative Order filed at the Archives Division, 800 Summer St. Any discrepancies with the published version are satisfied in favor of the Administrative Order.

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A certificate of program completion confirms that the food handler met the learning objectives. (7) "Desnated Agent" means an individual or organization who/that has been authorized by the Oregon Health Authority or Local Public Health Authority to provide a food handler training program and issue certificates of program completion. (5) A facility listed in section (1) of this rule that is operated by a benevolent organization must have at least one person with a valid food handler certificate of program completion present at all times during the preparation and service of food. (2) The Role of the Food Handler in Foodborne Illness.

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The goal of the food handler training program is to provide food handlers with a basic understanding of food safety that will assist the manager or person in charge to direct the food handler in preparing and serving food safely. (6) "Computer-Based Training" means self-training through the use of a computer program or the Internet. (4) At least one person involved in the preparation or service of food in a temporary restaurant who has a valid certificate of program completion must be present at all times during the operation of the facility. (e) The food handler shall know that foodborne illness is caused by organisms known to cause illness, or is caused by chemicals.Handler ruth handler and the barbie smith handler hand loomed.

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