Dell inspiron n5050 user's manual.pdf

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So my question is what went wrong with the ground wire thing your site describes -(OLOD orange lht of death)- .

Dell Inspiron N5050 Repair Manuals DIY

I suspect the "amber" lht on the "mother board" was not lite - when the fan came on - BUT- system did not come up.

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Power switch would not work - so I did the work-around on Tom's blog(OLOD orange lht of death) - power on BUT :1st: orange lht (Power UP Button)stays on(should be blue) -2nd: computer system not working - does not get to BOOT system even (where you select F2)? This is a DELL Inspiron 530, I have had it for 4 or 5 years.

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All of a sudden power switch don't work - so I did the above work-around where you run a ground wire to chasis - it powered up but two symptoms as listed above.Where can you purchase a Dell Inspiron recovery disk

Dell inspiron n5050 user's manual.pdf:

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