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Foot candles actually mean something, and can be converted into exposure values if you have the charts.

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One of Ansel Adams most famous photographs, "Moonrise, Hernandez New Mexico," was exposed without a meter because Adams had memorized the luminance of the Moon in foot-candles, and noodled out the shutter and diaphram combination he needed from there.

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Picked it up at a swap meet with a box of misc accessories (old sync cords, filter adapters, rubber lens hoods, flash bulbs—the fun stuff) for little or nothing. You can generally tell post-war meters by their use of ASA speeds.

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Prior to the war meters had to use various other competing schemes for rating film speed, and had their own system. One is that you can use it a couple different ways; if you pop the hood off it you can use it as a reflected (I think incident if you aim it at the lht source), meter under moderate lht, or you can leave the hood on and flip the cover open for restricted angle reflected or brht lht, or you could flip the cover closed (which still had slits in it) for really brht lht.Self-Cleaning Electric Ranges - Whirlpool

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