Huntron tracker manual schematic

Huntron Tracker 2000 - Circuit Analyzers - New - Refurbished

A Huntron Tracker is a neat piece of test equipment manufactured by a company called Huntron.

HTR1005B-1S Schematic - Huntron

It sweeps a voltage signal across a component under test and measures the resulting current flow, it then displays a graph of the voltage vs. If, for instance, you were testing a diode by applying a sine wave voltage to it, the current would be zero for all negative values up to approximatly positive 0.7v, where the current would switch from zero to maximum (a short circuit).

<em>TRACKER</em> 2000 - Electronic Repair Company

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Transistors, capacitors, inductors, FETs, diodes, and just about any other passive components can be tested in this manner.

TRACKER 2000 - Electronic Repair Company

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Huntron tracker manual schematic:

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