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But hey: He said it only had to "seem SOMEWHAT plausible".] The episode, entitled "Brainwaves", should air sometime in October, 2003. ): According to the script page that was sent to me for my approval, a character will say that they "need to make a Gootee Board", and will mention that it is "named after Tom Gootee, who posted the instructions on the internet"! Blake Holsey Hh" series has become a "cult classic" among the slhtly-twisted 10-to-13-year-olds of the day. He suddenly comes in, wide-eyed, from the TV room, to where I'm dusting off a glass display case that holds an antique "Gootee Curve Tracer" with serial number 0000001, and starts stuttering about hearing the name "Tom Gootee" on the TV show that's THE MAIN FOCUS OF LIFE for him and all of his closest friends. I just thought you will be glad to hear that you will also have "your moment of fame" here in, Israel (it's a daily show here, although couple of years late..).

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(Hehe.) Here's what happened, on the show: The science class was trying out a brainwave analyzer, of some sort, when two of them somehow "switched bodies" (a nerd and the football team's quarterback, no less! But, before they could attempt to switch back, the machine malfunctioned. It was named after TOM GOOTEE, who posted the instructions on the internet.". I have, since then, heard from several people, via email, who have seen the show, too, but, interestingly, on different days than when my videotape copy of it was made. You could very-easily see each individual character appear on your screen (or, also common, back then, and even worse: a thermal-paper "TTY"! The other person who said they saw it, my friend Ben Verkamp, saw it just a week or so ago, around the second weekend in February, 2004.

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My printed circuit board webpage (this page) is going to be mentioned on a TV show! But it mht be enough that a web search could find it.) So, check your local TV listings! They later determined that the circuit board was fried and that a replacement board from the manufacturer would take several MONTHS to arrive. One was a month or more after the orinal airing, which was, IIRC [i.e. HOWEVER: *HE* SAID that it was mentioned on the "Discovery Kids" show (or maybe he meant "channel"? The TV show that mentioned my name is now being subtitled in Hebrew, for distribution in Israel!

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I got a , a few months ago, from a writer for the Saturday morning television program ed "Strange Days at Blake Holsey Hh". "Strange Days at Blake Holsey Hh" is a non-animated Saturday morning show about a science class at a hh school, which airs on NBC (at 11 AM CST, here). Then one of the really-smart science students said, matter-of-factly, "We'll have to make a Gootee Board.". "if I remember/re correctly", for those of you who didn't experience desperately trying to save bandwidth, back when all we had were 300 Baud modems! ), and that they said something about making "a Gootee Board" (which literally woke him up from a nap), and that it was "discovered" (Geez! That is the only other country I've heard from about it, so far.Component-Level Electronic-Assembly Repair CLEAR

Huntron tracker manual schematic:

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