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4) Take lid off carefully, it may need sliding back a little to disengage from the front panel. Additionally, describe how the Zenith ZRY-316 DVD/VCR Recorder is connected to the TV unit; a single coaxial patchcord or multiple RCA to RCA cables or some other means. in the meantime, i'm going to put this piece of garbage up on ebay or throw it out my window.

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Offhand, a possibility to consider is that the output of the ZRY-316 to its RF OUT (Ch 3 or 4) is interfering with the TV channels received on its ANT IN.

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This would be more pronounced if the DVD/VCR Recorder is fed TV program from a cable decoder or DTA converter box that uses the same Ch 3 (or 4) at its RF OUT.

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Consider interconnecting the devices' audio & video using RCA to RCA cables. they said you need a dvd cleaner to clean the lens. Zenith ZRY-316 User's Manual - Free PDF Download 56 Pages

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