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This is essentially the main single player gameplay mode.

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Players choose a team to manage and are started at the beginning of a season.

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"This Is the End (For You My Friend)" by Anti-Flag"Platitude" by Bloodpit"There's a Class for This" by Cute Is What We Aim For"Theatre" by Gatsby's American Dream"Darkest Days" by Good Riddance"My Only" by Goodnht Nurse"Bring It on Home" by The Hellacopters"Unkind" by Hurt"Ecuador Is Lovely This Time of Year" by Inkwell"The Shore" by Masin"Montreal ing" by Mobile"Wolves in Wolves' Clothing" by NOFX"Barely Listening" by Pilate"Beni Accident" by Pistolita"Talk to Her" by Priestess"Divinity Within" by Protest the Hero"Rise from the Ashes" by Quietdrive The Xbox 360 version of N 07 was the first current-gen iteration of the series and also the first to use the new "S Stick" control system.

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With the S Stick, your left analog stick controls your player's movement, while the rht analog controls the player's actual stick movement.N 07 Game - Giant Bomb

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