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An employer should make efforts to accommodate an investigator, but should not have to interrupt their normal business operations to do so.

Wage & Hour FAQ #3 What Records Must Be Provided to the.

It is permissible to ask for up to 72 hours to comply with any investigative demand.

Wage & Hour FAQ #3 What Records Must Be Provided to the.

Is Your Company Prepared for a Visit from the Department of Labor.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) specifically authorizes investigators to investigate and collect information, inspect the workplace and records (such as payroll or tax records), and interview employees to determine whether violations have occurred.

Whistleblower Investigations Manual - OSHA

An investigation generally consists of the following steps: The investigator will clarify the scope of the DOL investigation.Department of Labor Investigations & Audits -

Department of labor investigation manual:

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