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You can adjust oversteer/understeer, softness/stiffness, acceleration/top speed, and grip/speed. The only way to get the slider back is to click on it, and then you're back to starting from the middle, but you don't really know what your starting point was. Add to this the fact that ANY adjustment to fuel load causes this to happen, and this becomes a nuisance.

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With these four settings you can at least come into the pits and tweak a bit at a time without understanding a thing about telemetry, dampers, ride heights, differential lock, and so on. Does the game make "center" the 'current' setup you're working on? And what if you should adjust the wing up or down a couple of degrees?

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My problem with this implementation is that if you so much as go into the advanced screen to dial down the fuel load, when you come back out to the 'simple' screen, you see no slider position, only the 4 slider backgrounds with "Custom" written inside. Again, you get the "Custom" in the sliders, and if you choose to soften the suspension after manually tweaking the wing, you don't know whether the middle of the slider means "where I left off" or "back to this setup's default".

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Although there are 5 coarse levels of difficulty which flip the various options on and off to provide an aggregate difficulty level, dialing in the right difficulty level for each individual person is nothing but trial and error. The 5 difficulty settings will adjust this, of course, but trying to find the right combination of realism, aids, rules and AI settings is time consuming and tedious.F1 Challenge '99 - '02 Preview - GameSpot

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