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How human life in its complex dynamic energetic processes was perceived and appreciated by many teachers in the East is made alive through HB Kim’s brilliant contribution to the health field here in the West where I am fortunate to live, serve, and continue learning. The information in this book has empowered me and expanded my understanding of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Kim’s love and devotion for teaching has guided many students to achieve their success. I was amazed with the level of detail about Eastern medicine. It describes every meticulous step; from diagnosis, to the impeccable choice of points, to the appropriate herbal medication. The diagrams and charts are incredibly easy to follow while you plan your patients’ care. If you are passionate about learning and practicing Eastern Medicine, don’t miss out on this must-have guide to make your treatment process easier.

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It clearly and concisely provides all the clinical information you will need for your practice.

<i>Manual</i> of <i>Chinese</i> Herbal <i>Medicine</i> Principles and Practice for Easy.

Pocket Handbook Of Chinese Herbal Medicine

This manual of diagnosis and therapy is brilliantly organized for study and reference.

Manual of Chinese Herbal Medicine Principles and Practice for Easy.

It might even be called the "Merck Manual" of Chinese herbal medicine, for it makes the principles and practices of this traditional healing art highly accessible with its concise and lucid compendia.Pocket Manual of Chinese Medicine - Google Sites

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